Your Money Mindset

It’s time for the third installment of  “What’s Your Excuse?” Let’s talk about why saying you don’t have the money to pursue your dreams is invalid.

I’ve already shared that time is far more valuable than money. We can always create more money. So why do some of us feel that we don’t yet have enough to move forward?


First, examine your mindset around money. How do you think of money? Is it the root of all evil? Does it make the world go around? Something in between? How were you taught as a child to perceive money? That you have to work hard for every dollar? Or that money comes easily? There’s no right answer, just get curious and be honest with yourself about your position on this matter as it will help you understand the obstacles that you need to eliminate this excuse.

Your beliefs certainly frame your money mindset. Your beliefs may have formed over many years of your own experiences and life lessons. Beliefs are amazing – until you allow them to stand in the way of your dreams.

For example, if you believe that the only way to earn an “honest living” is to work at a labor-intensive job, to receive the same paycheck from your employer as scheduled, and to eventually “top out” on salary until the only way to make more is to work more (hello, overtime), you are probably looking at money as merely a means to an end. It’s a way to pay the bills this month, and the next, and the next. It’s a vicious cycle – I know it well, as I’ve lived it. There is no “getting ahead” in this existence. Some crisis always appears, unexpected costs arise, and you’re stretching pennies by the end of the month.

40127546533_5f20431757How to break this cycle? Work as hard on your mindset as you do at your job. Start viewing money as something precious that you want to attract more of. When the only thoughts that you have about money are coming from a place of scarcity, ‘I don’t have enough’, then you are constantly reinforcing that belief and the cycle will continue. Because the universe (your Creator, higher power, whatever your terminology) is giving you more of the vibrations you are sending. Sound a little woo woo? Perhaps. It is. I love the woo. So many of us have no idea how powerful our thoughts can be, so it’s worth trying some daily affirmations. They don’t cost a thing!

I am worthy of making more money.

Money comes easily to me. 

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways. 

I love to receive money.

Some of you may be thinking I’ve gone off the rails, but be assured that I’ve seen it work time and time again in real life. There is enough money out there in the world for all of us to live abundantly (as we define abundance) without feeling negative about it. Work on shedding any long-held ideas that money is hard to come by or that it’s evil.

Don’t worry, there are also practical approaches to take! As Tony Robbins says, “It’s never about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.” When is the last time you performed a financial audit of your monthly expenses to determine where you can redirect finances toward your passion fund? You’ll see some obvious things on the following lists that I’m sure you’ll be able to expand on if you really want to.


  • Monthly subscriptions – Start here! OMG, I have found myself swayed into every opportunity to “save” by subscribing and it’s ridiculous! There’s the gym, the yoga studio, the leggings, the super food shakes, the organic wine, and the supplements – for starters. I’ll be culling this list right away. Buying what you need when you need it is actually a cheaper way to go. No, I’m not getting a massage every month. As much as I believe I need to and as much as it helps my body, I just don’t. It would be cheaper for me to pay full price for the quarterly visit I end up doing.
  • Check your apps – While you’re at it, check your paid app subscriptions. You may find many you no longer need. I know I’m signed up for two separate music download services. I don’t need that. I’m keeping The Daily Calm and Think Up for sure. Those directly support my mental health and so I consider them necessities. But I think I have a few pro photo editing services that need to go.
  • Food – Meal planning is a must to reduce that grocery bill! This household for sure can reign in some of these expenses if we simply stop trying to have three different diets going at once. We are already reducing the number of times we eat out and I’m asking for more coffee break networking meetings than lunch these days. It adds up!
  • Beverages – You already know that your daily Starbuck’s is making a dent in your bank account, so just stop it (plus those disposable lids are bad for the environment). But if you drink alcohol, this can get super expensive really fast. My husband and I recently did a self audit of the expense surrounding our consumption and it was honestly mind blowing. So was the restaurant tab without drinks – oh, wow that’s quite reasonable! We can save our cocktails for after dinner (at home). Two drinks with dinner x two adults equals at least $40 – sometimes more. And by the way, how many bottles of wine and bourbon do we really need to have on hand? Are we stocking up for the zombie apocalypse?
  • Entertainment – It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we’ve cut the cord with DirecTV. Well…that part wasn’t hard. The ROI just wasn’t there anymore. Hulu and Roku combined with Amazon Prime and Netflix (more subscriptions!) give us way more than we need in terms of mindless entertainment options. I do enjoy a good movie. We indulge in those at home as much as possible, reserving the theater for special occasions. I miss the NFL Sunday Ticket but we just couldn’t justify it any longer. Also, the Steelers season thus far warrants just watching the free replay later. *sigh*

At first, I must admit that I wasn’t crazy about really digging in to the details of where our money was going, but I’ve come to enjoy the challenge of where to pull back and constrain. Taking an honest inventory of what I can do without is absolutely freeing up space to bring more value into my life, just as I’ve done with time. I truly believe that.


Think of ways you can make more money (or reduce the amount that you owe) by getting creative. If you’re not making it, you’re keeping it. And in so doing, you are sending consistent vibrations that money is something you want to have more of.

  • Side hustle – There’s nothing wrong with a network marketing gig (yes, MLM) or part-time job. As long as you believe in what you are doing and are coming from a place of authenticity, I embrace the side hustle.
  • Barter – I have bartered coaching services in exchange for other services. Just ask! We’re all professionals and those of who are self-employed like to look out for each other.
  • Contract – If you have the ability to provide your services on a contract basis, this can be a beautiful thing. You aren’t considered an employee, so no benefits, but if all you need is some extra cash, get yourself in a good contract scenario, over-deliver, and get your name out there in the process.
  • Sell Something – I know professionals with million dollar level incomes who sold all of their furniture to pay for a training course when there was no other option. Most of us have too much stuff as it is. I am not at all opposed to letting go of inanimate objects to realize my dreams.

This is a lot to take in and I likely haven’t shared much that you didn’t already know, but here’s what I want you take from this.

You need to be honest with yourself when that voice in your head says, ‘I can’t because I don’t have the money.’ You need to call bullshit on that just as you do with the time excuse. Because if you get real, dig deep, get resourceful, and creative, you can find it. Be grateful for everything that you have while still believing that you can have more from this life.

That’s the mindset you need to be in for everything to fall into place.

photo credit: ☼☼ Jo Zimny Photos☼☼ I’ve Had A “Change”Of Heart!!! via photopin (license)

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